sobota, 11 stycznia 2014

If your reading this then don't bother and just comeback in 2015

I have realised some things today and one of them is : What a lame artist i am . Here is the proof a painting from a movie which i recently have seen and recomend .

The.Tale.Of.Zatoichi.Continues from 1962.

wtorek, 22 stycznia 2013

Karma cameleon

Just a quick one actualy im still trying to figure out shaddy safadis brushes , but lets change the topic :
a great friend of mine got a new positive kick in life so cheers to him ! wisit his blog at :

czwartek, 3 stycznia 2013

WSSG : world?... secret?...society?...GAY!?

Nah :D 

 Just soo you know.
The shortcut  actualy stands for "WARSAW SUBWAY SKETCH GROUP". And were a bunch of peaple who drive around on the subway and piss off all the other pasangers in the train :) .Here are some early things that i'm not really proud of:

You can join us if you like :

poniedziałek, 31 grudnia 2012

An end is just a new beginning

Ahoy there sailors!

 Soo as my new years resolution i've decided to Open a blog!
Not becouse its cool , not becouse i think my work is the greatest and i have to show it to everyone (quite opposite).
I'm opening this blog hoping that it will help me out with my art taking it to a new level  .

Starting off with a couple of unfinished pieces, tattoo project and a loose sketch

I Hope you'll enjoy the ride !
HAPPY 2013 !!!